Our Story

My name is Lucy, a handmade laser engraver and the founder of Lucy Engraving, a small business that I started back in 2018 with my furry co-founder Charles in the basement of my parent's home. After 6 years in this business, we have grown bigger and become more professional. That enables us to continue pursuing the passion of creating high-quality and meticulous engraved gifts for any occasion.

My idea to engrave the picture of puppy on glass initiated when my co-founder passed away and I could not operate this business without him being around. From there, I came to realize engraving images onto daily objects is the wonderful way to preserve meaningful and precious moments of life with beloved ones.

This experience inspires Lucy Engraving's mission to help people keep memorable moments and happy stories alive through personalized, handmade laser engraved products. Each item we create is not only a mere product but also a part of your walk of life.

At Lucy Engraving, we believe in the power of memory and that is what drives us forward to always looking for improvement and enhancement in the quality of each and every delivered product. 


Craftsmanship Excellence

We are dedicated to delivering meticulously crafted, high-quality engraved products. Every piece is a testament to our commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

Personalized Connection

At Lucy Engraving, we strive to create meaningful connections by allowing our customers to transform their memories into unique, engraved masterpieces.

Customers Delight

We are committed to providing a delightful experience, from the moment our customers choose their custom engravings to the joy of receiving a perfectly crafted and personalized item.

Sustainability in our DNA

Every product is made in the USA using premium materials that are safe, environmentally friendly and reusable. We always prioritize what is good for our planet, whether it is a product we make or the energy we use.

Our Team

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